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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Bye 2011

hah..surely ramai yang nak update tentang summary 2011 kan? dah ade pon yg buat dr semalam!
so..teman pon nak jugak weh update the whole story (tak la detail sgt hehe) sepanjang 2011 ni..
ditambah puler lame tak 'mengehapdet' kann...hihi

ok..ni antaranya..kalau yang takde bulan tu makne kate..takde cerite ler...@ dah cerita dalam blog ni :)

3 january 2011 ; 1st day kerja kat office yang saya sedang duduk sekarang :)
Gaji 1st month ni, beli handphone sbg meraikan gaji 1st month (sedangkan BF aku pengaruh ajak beli handphone same =.=')

june ; went to Singapore (click here for the story) ;D
14 August 2011 ; Register for further study at UiTM as full time student (and full time employer Y_Y)

19 August 2011 ; Got new BF. Eh! new car la hehehe

10 Sept 2011 ; My pre-E-Day hakhak...syhhh :P

12 Sept 2011 ; Lecture session start ( My messy life start too where I'm not very hang out with friends, I'm not going out for shopping, less date with my BF and high demand of work at office also start! Y_Y)

24th Oct 2011 ; Attend for married course. very big event held at PICC. attended with my BF and siblings huhu

November &
December ; Very busy months. High Demand of work and Lots of Assignment to be sumbit T_T

wah....very terrible year of 2011... I don't know how many time I'm crying...gave up with all happen...gave up with study and work...everything...but 2011 too make me tough..made me learn too much thing about life..responsible..and much more...

but..I'll never regret because I always stick to the words and believe.... there might be have a reason with all difficulty that I was faced... then this make me feel strong...

life without tested is empty life.

so, always be praised to Allah..for giving me a great life...

2012! I'm coming to face you! and I now, 2012 will be more terrible for me. so, I must be prepare. next week exam OK!

eh..ter fully english pulak at last ni hehe..takpelah... saya masih dalam mempraktikkan english saya yang worst ni hihi...

buah cempedak di dalam pagar,
ambil tangga tolong panjatkan,
saya budak dah lama belajar,
tapi kesilapan tak pernah ketinggalan.



  1. haaaa..hang pun dah ada perisikk kann??untunglaaa... *cobaan utk menjadi joyah kepocii*