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Monday, April 5, 2010

my bufday on 2nd ApriL (^_^)

on my bufday...
on 2nd April at 00.00 a.m..I in Kelisa..eka's car..surely my frenz inside wish 1st huhu..
we're otw to karoke hehehe..

at evening..i followed my fwenz to Sunway piramid...
ate pizza hut..then...hoooreyyy!!! ..I got supprised from them..(^_^)..

my mood changed to very2 hepi huhu~~
thanx to my lovely fwenz..my bFF of uiTm hehe..

I never got supprise like dis n surely i'll remember dis moment till end..esp on my bufday!!

thanx a lot to dya,eka,nana,aten,mek,zul & kN...=)

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