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Friday, July 15, 2011

Gediks ; Singapore Part 3

Assalamualaikum...haha...today I'm working ok... ;p
because of other staff always late every Saturday, so, I always 'curik2' time to write something or doing something else hihi.. syyhhhh ;p

ok...for the next story about my holiday......

we arrived about 830am if I'm not mistake...
but..the gate opened at 1000 am..
waa....what we have done during waiting time???

surely snappingggg

see how lots the picture..
the gedik2 one also got haha ;p
sorry if you don't like it hehe..

picture below showed the USS gate at entrance..but this is only stucture without function but nice haha...
the real gate is at our back (the blue one)...see...not opened yet huhu...

ok...the area at the front of USS called Resort World..
so, we took the opportunity to look around of resort world..
see picture below...at the front of candylicious shop..
how sweet there were...
lots of hanging candy hehe..
very nice...so...we not miss the opportunity...yuhuuu!! ^_^

I am Gediks ;p
nani . nur . niza

at the centre of Resort World, got this Big globe!!
haha...love it!!

nur . niza . ana

picture below;
when waiting...study the map hehe
I have been studying the map early before began the trip hehe. so, easy to me to enjoy there.
no need to refer too much.
If you want to go here soon, I suggest you to study the map first ok ;)
there also showed which restaurant provided Halal food hehe..

study about
1; Halal Food
2; Toilet
3; entertainment each zone
4; showtime at each zone (this showtime will provided only there. cannot find online)
5; Surau is not provided inside (pergghh...time tu aku cuti,jd takdelah aku study ade surau ke tak ;p)

ok abeh dah..eh tak ade lg 1 gambar....
can you find what I'm try to show at the picture below????

hahaha...did you see that??
Big Panda hahahaha
so sweet you know...
die main cak2 plak kan...
tp tak dapat nak snap moment with him sbb kene Q panjang...then..at each session, only about 15 minutes...
perrgghh...banyak lagi tmpt lain nk jalan woo...
ok lah...
back to work hihi...

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