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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sci Fi City and Ancient Egypt Zone : Singapore Part 5

Helo Helo Helo...
hehe...ops...reached Part 5 ready ma..? but I just went for a day hehehe..
ahhh..I dont mine..I really2 want to share everything there with you olz hehe..
Dont get bored ok hehe..
actually I try many time to finish all story..but..
if you are blogger, you surely know how lembap to upload picture right? esp. when line like hampeh =_='

hmm...ok..if you are not read yet for the past entry of Singapore, you can read here,
and if you cannot imagine where am I, you can click here for view the map of USS.

Now, I would like to story about the 3rd Zone
Sci Fi City
this zone seems like at space living where there were got games using high technology

Im not take a picture here, SO, I put my friend's picture hehe...
that gate is a border to separate Sci fi zone and New York Zone ;)

the first game we played here called 'accelerator'
This game just sit inside the cup, then the cup will spinning you around faster and faster and fastest!!
haha...but not too challeging =__=' (belagak!)

our picture before get spinning ;)
why my face not shinning like them??!! (tak pueh ati huhu)

then, after enjoy with that unchallenged game (belagak giler!!)..we continue to the next game..
ops.. roller coasters? hehe...since at home I surrendered to play this game lalalala..
no no no..never!

the roller coaster actually got 2 types
1; Cylon
2; Human

cylon is killer than human
the difference is cylon seats like hanging..and twist you more than human.
human seats like normal seats.
but, the safety of human such a scary..not support your shoulder =__='

my friends, ANA and Nur excited to play the cylon one..huh..so brave they were..
Nani and I just waiting outside (sejam gak la tunggu)

while waiting...that unique people passing us..and immediate I snapped it hehe

Red; Human<----->Blue;Cylon
while waiting also, Nani talks to me,
"Niza, macam tak takut je yang merah tu. boleh kot naik..."
and I though the same...."ye kot..."
So we decided wanna to play the Human type which red colour.
Just after Ana and Nur done, we immediately got entry the human gate but Nur decided to wait outside because she said "tak boleh tahan dah..korang pergilah.."

after queue up about 1 hour (penat tunggu je lebih!) then our turn now..
OMG... I seated at the end of row..at that time I control my fear...
then start....

Damn!!! like want to cry over there!! its just 3minutes but I cant wait even 1 second anymore!!!
I screamed aloud to ease the fear of extreme!!!
when finish I relieved but I swear many times will never playing that Stupid Game anymore!!
arrgghhh!! (tula...tadi blagak sgt )
huh... +__+ wanna to forget that forever......

then lunch time
at next zone... Ancient Egypt
we have take our lunch at Oasis Spice Cafe
there were provided four set of lunch..but if you dont want by set, you can freely choose the food..

I ate Briyani Rice with roasted chicken..if I'm not mistake..
it is once of lunch set..
and drink not included..

Lunch Set;
1; Briyani rice,Roti canai and roasted chicken
2; curry (kuah roti canai tp tak makan pon)
3; desert (tak sedap dan pelik)

4; Ice lemon Tea

Total price ; 18.++ SGD (about RM40++)

hehe...dont know why...sorry ;) maybe hungry face haha

done eating...
enjoy at Egypt zone

(ops...not nice this picture hehe)
can you see me into this picture?
hehe...bit funny ;)
at my back, you can entry the building..but cannot bring any stuff inside
so, beside the entrance,much of locker provided
don't worry...you no need to pay the locker if you used below than 75 minutes

when I got entry the building..I though maybe like museum inside..
but..after walking deeply.. I saw a notice..

'Warning; This is a high speed roller-coaster. This roller coaster also move backwards.'

huh? Damn it.
I just said that I don't want to play roller coaster right?
but to turn back, I feel a bit scare too..a bit horror hehe..
then play..
but this time I seat at the middle of row hehe..
this game is very2 fun!!
If you going there please don't miss it ok! haha
I feel happy because I closed my eyes hehehe
not like before...opened! =__=!

How Nani and Ana can look up like that??
look at me..feel shy hehehe

okeyh...we felt very hot..like at real Egypt..
plus I'm wearing cardigan huhu..
then we changed our clothes with more comfort one..
we already prepared for it ;)

I feel better after changing clothes...but my foot began sick hehe
ok done
tq for visiting
hope you enjoy ;)

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