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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am sleepy right now...so, I try to find out how not to feel sleepy at work...
here some people's opinion..

"I find working out and drinking lots of water seriously helps you have energy...it may not seem like it because working out wears you out, but your body gets energized from working out...so jog or do aerobics the night before. You will feel great the next day I promise."

'3 things,plenty of sleep,good diet,regular exercise.
if this doesn't solve the problem,see your doctor'

'need to go to bed early every night so that u would be ready for to work the next day'

'Drink water! Stay away from caffeine, as it will only help you temporarily. Try doing some stretches or at lunch go for a walk to get blood flowing again.'

'Get more rest Sunday night, even if it's not more sleep, try to wind down sooner than usual. Also, eat a good breakfast, and mid afternoon (when I feel the most tired) I always try to eat a small snack. That seems to boost my energy a bit'

huhh...some is useful...
how about me?

for me,
1; sleep at 11pm - 12am until morning
2; do a bit warm up after wake up (before take a bath)
3; take simple breakfast (not nasi lemak or 5 pcs of curry-puff)
4; reduce sugar in food

ermm...thats all..
I do practice all but the second, I rarely do hehe..
thats why I still sleepy and it forced me to take caffeine drink almost everyday...
but...half packet of 3in1 coffee for morning(10am) and another half for afternoon (3pm) to make sure the 4th can be practice ;)
thats is my routine haha..

how about you?
share with me ;)


  1. dlu time sekolah especially kelas BM
    cikgu nisa akan ckp mcm ni..
    "korg ni xbuang air (besar)ea pagi2? patut la mengantuk je dalam kelas saya"
    sampai sekarang la ayat dia tersekat dalam otak ni...

  2. alemak! yeke itu puncanya?? haha...neway kenangan k.niza time skolah setebal 4inci A4 utk dceritakn...sgt famous dgn sikap itu haha