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Friday, July 1, 2011

Facebook games

I started playing games on facebook since about two weeks ago.
The game named 'empire & allies'
The reason to play is to destress me from work haha..

At firt I played, I am very excited about the game because...
I can fight-against the neigbour in the game, especially to attack my brother haha ;)

but now I feel tension...you want to know why?
not because the game is boring..
not because the game was disturbing..troubling..difficult..

I got tension because I've not enough time to play this game!!
I cant fight them back!
I've was attacked by them!!
I cant earn more!
I cant plant and harvest more!!

this is because I am so busy lately at office!!

wait my neigbour, I will back!! haha


  1. sonok an...an...an...an,
    sape jgk ajak.. :P

  2. sonoklah lau aku dpt serang balikk huhu..tension2..