Di sini

Friday, July 8, 2011

I am excited!

another few minutes I'll back to home (rent home)
counting time since.....this morning?
no! but..since few days ago hahaha...

sound like I'm very excited..hehe
you want to know why?
This is because for the first time, I'll go holiday with friends (housemate) using my own money..
don't be weird when I mentioned about own money hehehe..
This trip not using 'Papa Mama Sdn. Bhd.' money or PTPTN money like before during studying hehe..

Since I'm working, this is the 1st good trip I'll do.

more interestingly, this trip a 'bit' abroad..k
eh keh keh...

SINGAPORE!! Here I come!! ^_^
wait for my updates later wink-wink @_@


  1. "I'll go holiday with friends (housemate) using my own money.." xmenahan~ adodododoi~~

  2. hahaa....yela sara...b4 ni gune ptptn...xheran... ni gune wet sendiri bru terase cabarannye hahaha