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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

real intro hehe : Singapore Part 2

Assalamualaikum.. ^_^

ok...I've a bit time to story about my last holiday/trip to Singapore...
my destination is Universal Studio Singapore (USS)..

I know some of you maybe have been go there or at least know about USS..
so, I want to share my experience/happiness with you all hehe

I went with 3 others of my friends named
Nani & Nur (my housemate)
and also Ana (Nani's friend)

we started our trip on Friday night. We are lucky that day because we are able to avoid jammed/crowded caused by BERSIH rally that will held on the day after at town of Kuala Lumpur. So, our trip was against the road leading to Kuala Lumpur ;)

We arrived and check in at Tune Hotel, Danga bay at 12.00 a.m...huhu...then, after settle our booking... collapsed cause very tired...(ceh..mcm aku yg drive annn hihi )

at the morning, wake up at 530 am ...early morning
hoho...very challenged to wake haha..

after settle up changing bus ticket voucher, then we took the bus provided there at 7.00 a.m
(tune hotel provided office/counter selling bus tickets to destinations in Singapore. online also available)

'fresh face at the glorious morning' haha

'matahari pon baru nak naik tu' ;p
on the bridge heading to Singapore

this is view from bus. I snapped this pictures from inside the bus when arriving at the gate of resort world (USS area). see how clean the bus's window hehe...

ok...then...we arrived about 830am if I'm not mistake......
this is basement of resort world..where cars/bus parking.......

from the basement.....we going up.......

thats all for this time...will continue next entry ;)

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