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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zone Hollywood & New York: Singapore Part 4

Today is Sunday...but I am at office..
but (lg)...Im yet to start my work since 2 hours ago hahaha...

PROMISE!! after finish story this, I'll continue with my work haha..

ok...this epsode I'll story about two of seven zone of USS huhu..
The two are Hollywood and New York Zone
you can refer this MAP of USS while or before you read the whole story hehe..

Ok...after we got entry from the Big gate..our left as view at picture below..
Universal Studio Store
at that store got various souvenir of seven zone sold in there.
but some of items couldn't find here but only at each zone.
so, ( I studied about this) what we have done, we stop by this shop just for looking the items but not buy yet. we decided to buy before we exit from USS after scan / buy souvenir at each zone hehe...

First Zone...Hollywood!!!
when you just got enter the gate, you were at this zone hehe..
see how many zone got there..
don't forget to take a breakfast before you start moving around haha

we stop by at this shop.. Betty!!
to those who like cute2 sexy items, can buy the items sold here.
very2 cute hehe

Gediks photo should have! ;p
at the front of Betty shop
( tak tau la nape time aku nak snap je kat port2 best ni, takde orang lalu lalang haha)
best shoot ever ;p

at the front of head-wear shop
The Brown Derby
the provided hat that can wear freely like us (tapi jgn buat2 lupe nak letak balik ok ;p)

Monster Rock showtime.
I'm not get enter this theater show hall because at that moment not 11am yet.
see the showtime showed there huhu..
finish at this zone

New york ZONE!!!!
we got snapped some picture with this hantu haha
I don't know who is this actor actually hihi..layannn

what is that?
just going in
when queue up inside, I forgot ready what showtime provided inside..
is that watching movie??

when we entered, Light!! Camera!! Action!!!
what do you think?
they shoot us?
haha...no no no...
actually they showed us to be blown away by filmmakers incredible special effects as an empty sound stage become the setting for a major hurricane about to hit New York city.
very awesome!!!

empty sound stage

a major hurricane
(sedap2 gua snap gambar tetibe..)
arrgghh...get wet my camera and clothes =_='
but not too much huhu
see..that big ship also contain in this small studio haha..
finish, got out from that studio
have a seat first (sambil gediks sekejap ;p)

"nani...now we going for travel...not working".. haha

at the corner, a group of dancer was performed their dance to tourist.
awesome!! smart!! cool!! huhu

while watching the dancing performance...
we took this pic...Is it nice right?
I know you'll answer..
"yes...very nice!!!"
"but not you!!"
"that yellow shining car!!"
=_=" ( I know)

I'm shy to snap this picture *__*

ok...thats all for today..
bye bye !!

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