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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Don't Tell Me What to do: Make My Day ^ ^

 Tengok Facebook. Orang share with caption 'owh'
aku pun macam tertariklah, tips ape ni kan. Benda baik boleh belajar kan.
Tapi tips ni buat aku tersengih-sengih sensorang bila tengok komen orang.^ ^

Focus on comment okay. Have Fun! hahaha

Comment 1: And my ear will do both listening and speaking? 
Comment 2 : Don't tell me what to do!

 Comment 1: Don't tell me what to do with my food!
Comment 2: Then this should be called sandwich cake not cupcake

 Comment 1: People do the wrong one to avoid germs in the chopping board.
Comment 2 : Don't tell me how to eat my watermelon!

Comment 1 : Who the hell  cares how to write
Comment 2 : When I write I put my pen between index and middle finger. U don't tell me what to do.

 Comment 1: So, I assume we have to face the flower down too? (picture)

Comment 1: If the pizza is perfectly made, no worry how you hold it
Comment 1 : This is whole crap. Steve Jobs will be angry because all his life he made a mistake of getting the Apple bite to wrong position
Comment 2: Who set the rules?

p/s: macam ni lah jugak kadang-kadang aku baca komen politik. Komen yang tak matang/melatah tu aku gelakkan jer kihkihkih.

All picture source: Facebook

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